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What we want you to know:

We do have 25 years of partnership with partners (childrenshome, education for youth, support of health care fo elderly people and earthquake support) in NEPAL

and already 5 years of partnership with WIDE Childrenshome in India

Our partners receive 100% of what you do support/ donate!

What counts the most for us are the shining eyes of the children and teenagers and old people whom we have been able to help until now!

Situation in NEPAL

Since 1995 we have been active in Nepal and since 2002 as a recognized non-profit association we support some selected projects with our sponsors and friends with a lot of commitment and love.

In 2005 our association was awarded a prize by the Ministry of Nepal.

Schools in the country offer only low and basic quality of education. Most of these schools are closed during the winter months as it is often too cold. The children come from far away, are often daily on foot up to 3 hours. The teachers are usually not well trained. So only in the valleys - i.e. from Pokhara to Kathmandu - a year-round school education can be provided, and mostly these are private schools, i.e. the parents have to pay for this school education, because the teachers are better trained.

Many children, mostly half and full orphans, only get a chance if they are accommodated all year round in an institute/home, where they are also fully taken care of. This also allows them to get better nutrition, health care and above all better education.

There are pioneering directions that they can take, be it for a basic study of a few years to learn reading and writing and to learn a trade and then go back to their village or to get a school leaving certificate up to the Abitur.

During the long holidays, if there is family or kinship, they often go to their surroundings, usually a remote village, in an adventurous way for us. Sometimes 2-5 day trips by bus, truck and on foot help their relatives, who are of course very proud of this new generation.

Many of our sponsors have been associated with us from the very beginning or for more than 15 years and thus also give young people a great opportunity for further school/vocational training or study. They often sponsor a "new" child.

WIDE Childrenshome on the foot of the holy mountain Arunachala

WIDE, the small children's home developed over 16 years now by Kumari, Xavier and their daughter Priya, here at the foot of the Arunachala, with the help of tourists who ended up as friends. As a family, they give a home and a future to children, whom they treat as their own.

Children who had been abandoned, who had lived on the streets or in the most unacceptable conditions, today look at you with big smiling eyes.

The first two orphans had been admitted in 2003; six years later they were16 kids and today there are 30!

January and December 2019 for several weeks with

WIDE Childrens Home South India

most half-orphans (30) have a new home here with a family and receive education and schooling (in public school). We visited this special place twice and convinced ourselves of the conscientiousness and love that Kumari and her family give to the children and teenagers.

The project is important for us and has even led to our name change of the association and an extension to India in our statutes.

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WIDE Children Arunachala


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